Monster of the Week

The Story So Far...

That Smell

John Dorn was heading home to his crappy little studio apartment with a grocery bag of essentials (cheese, rice, cheep beer, sausage, and spices) when he noticed a really horrible smell—worse than farts—coming from his neighbor’s door. The door was locked, and he realized there was no way to get in without breaking something. John called up his buds Jad and Lawrence Astaphor (AKA Lassie) to come help him investigate. There’s no way he was going to enjoy a nice evening of beer, cheese, and spicy sausages with that smell hanging around.

After the crew arrived, they found a spare key and let themselves into the apartment. What’d they find? Some goopy goop slime trails all over the apartment. What’d it look like? Something like… rusty spit. Besides the slime, the walls were covered with postcards, newspaper and story clippings from pulp novels. On her bed, they found the impression that a woman would have made if she died and rotted in her bed over the course of a month. There were some bones and things, and the distinct lack of a skull.


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